THE LAST KNOCK presents: Bad to the Best of 2015’s Horror Cinema

The Last Knock

From Knock Knock, Dark Summer, and The Lazarus Effect to The Editor, Almost Mercy, and Unfriended, we look at 2015’s horror offerings from bad to the best. Learn about those you missed, those you might love, and those you definitely want to avoid – because the latter falls into the “horrible” category for certain. Enjoy!

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14 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Bad to the Best of 2015’s Horror Cinema”

  1. I notice you guys didn’t mention BONE TOMAHAWK. Have you seen it? Thoughts? I’ve heard many, many good things and I’ve got it coming tomorrow. Interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. It’s at the top(ish) of my queue, and I have heard interesting things in regard to it dipping its toes in multiple genres.

  2. Some others I liked that I noticed were missing: GOODNIGHT, MOMMY and THE GIFT. I realize THE GIFT isn’t horror, strictly speaking. But definitely a better and more unsettling thriller than JURASSIC WORLD. I really liked GOODNIGHT, MOMMY and would put it at as one of my favorites of 2015.

    1. THE GIFT was a great, character-driven thriller. I thought Jason Bateman was excellent, and it made me love Rebecca Hall even more. I saw GOODNIGHT MOMMY recently, and liked it overall, with 2 exceptions: the contrived appearance of the Red Cross volunteers; and that ending…which I feel like I’ve seen (in some form or another) way too often over the past 15 years.

      I think all 3 of us can agree on JURASSIC WORLD.

    2. Haven’t seen THE GIFT, but I guessed the entire premise of GOODNIGHT, MOMMY five minutes in and the movie bored me – and pissed me off in the third act.

      Regardless, thanks so much for listening, my friend!

  3. That was an excellent choice of a suck-your-will-to-live film to start the show off with…KNOCK KNOCK, BLEW BLEW chunks. But Bill you were overly kind to KR’s acting in it. I’ve never seen him act this poorly. At least in BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE he had that whole Jeff Spicoli thing working, Mr. Hand. I’d assume, in KK, he K. Reeves was supposed to be a man of education, stature, and a certain amount of sophistication, according to the plot. I would have been laughing if not for projectile hurling while suffering through it, but the ladies adore KR. They were in “poor acting” anguish, too.
    I’ve also been hearing a lot of great things about BONE TOMAHAWK…all horror zombies agree, “Must see BONE TOMAHAWK…brains.”
    Killer show, guys!

    1. I gotta say, JOHN WICK has become one of my go-to films when I just want to have fun watching something. But I agree with Bill – Keanu’s best performance was in RIVER’S EDGE (with POINT BREAK a close second).

      1. Oddly enough, JOHN WICK is at the top of my queue and I should get it soon. (I’m glad no one brought up JOHNNY MNEMONIC.)

        1. Oh, Bill…I loved JOHNNY MNEMONIC during my teen years, but probably more due to the fact that it was one of the first R-rated movies I saw in the theater. I’d still like to get my hands on the soundtrack…

      2. Jon, both Amber and I agree with you and Bill. RIVER’S EDGE is his best. He had many moments of very good acting in POINT BREAK, but there were more than a few times he reverted back to trying too hard to act. He and TANK GIRL had good chemistry in PB. We think he was excellent in the very good film CONSTANTINE. JOHN WICK…not so much. I liked him in SWEET NOVEMBER and THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. He was horrid in DRACULA. His acting ability seems to rollercoaster mostly…mostly. The Count should have sucked him dry or better yet leave the BLOODLETTING to those hot fanger’s rising from within the bedding. Just sayin’.

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