THE LAST KNOCK presents: KRAMPUS (2015)

The Last Knock

Yes, it does matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, but we’re not talking about getting coal in your stocking for being a jerkface meanyhead. In this case, it’s all about Krampus, the anti-Santa, and what happens to a little kid when he loses faith in the holiday and the man in the big red suit. Learn about the Austrian origins of Krampus, how the legend has been twisted through time, and if this feature is worth a holiday horror viewing.

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4 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: KRAMPUS (2015)”

  1. I have to listen to this podcast! The Krampus myth fascinates me from the first time I saw that forked tongued image on vintage Victorian postcards. Thanks for this week’s shout out, too, CrashPalace!! Your podcasts are always devilishly FUN!

  2. Twas rockin’ ’round the xmas tree while listening to youse guys doing the Krampus thing. Neat show. Told Amber it was by the Trick ‘r Treat dude, but she already knew that.
    The Scream Out was great. Thanks, boys and girls. Hey, I’m moving up, Wheezie.
    Y’all should get a cut of at least 4 ticket sells because we’ll see it after your Fruit Cake gifting of it.
    Krampus is nuttin’ new to my gang. In das hood, we knew of an older legend. He was called Jackus. You see, as legend goes, if any kid in the projects had a gift under their radiator (our xmas tree) then Jackus would jack it whether you were naughty or nice. Our Jackus goes back to around the time of that beautiful creature in Spring. So, it became prudent to never buy gifts for kids in the inner-city for jacking, except of course, roller skates. Jackus couldn’t skate…the dumbass. This is why you always see poor kids on skates on Jackus Day.Oh, our Jackus was in chains, too, and he was the second partner in Marley and Marly from the Muppets Christmas Story. Blah Hamburg!
    Excellent show filled with the true spirit of Krampus.
    Youse guys will rock on 1-4-16. Jonny, be afraid. Be very afraid. Make sure your kitten is in voice that evening.
    Oh 2, Jonny was there a Blackhawk Down situation outside your door? Nice helicopter sound stuff.

    1. Ha! I thought that helicopter was going to fire rockets into Jonny’s homestead!

      Thanks for listening, my friend, and for telling us the story of Jackus. Glad I lived outside of New York City where things were safe!

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