THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature I

The Last Knock

In our first Horror Double Feature, we take a look at why WE ARE STILL HERE is so damn bad, even though it stars the great Barbara Crampton with the cool Larry Fessender and the lovely Lisa Marie. Then again, we take a gander at why the interesting twist on the zombie sub-genre, WYRMWOOD is so damn good.

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13 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature I”

  1. What the Dutch puck! Oh. Sorry. That was one of Cleo’s lines from the 80s.
    Thanks for the SREAM OUT. Now, even Jonny Numb’s doing Whale speak. Bill, don’t quit your real job.
    Jon, I very much like you cat, and Bill, what was that dial tone on your phone? I was digging it. What’s the tune from?
    WYRMWOOD has moved to the head of the #horror to-probably-be-disappointed-with list. But, this one has great promise. That other one? Nah.
    Hey, never, and I do mean ever make light of southern BBQ. It may well be the only thing we got right.
    I do play requests! Look up Community BBQ in Decatur…best I’ve had in decades.
    Here;s another request satisfied for Billy “Crash.” Old school, baby…B&W.
    Oh, btw, you dudes, puckin’ rock!

    1. Thanks for that rockin’ Godzilla shot! The tone is the “sci-fi tone” from my iPhone. The melody has been so used and abused, I can’t recall the original film!

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