THE LAST KNOCK presents: The 150th Episode!

The Last Knock

Yes, it’s our sesquicentennial. Damn. We’ve been on the air – or something like that – since May 2013, and thanks to listeners like you, we continue to grow. But enough about that, let’s talk about this special episode and what we have in store for… Wait, maybe it’s better if you just listen in.

Thanks so much for all of your support over these past two and a half years, and we hope to bring you more great shows and interviews focusing on the love of horror.

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10 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: The 150th Episode!”

  1. Congratulations, Bill and Jonny. I’ve been a listener since the beginning and tune into each episode. I have a sometimes taxing commute to work and having you guys on feels like having two friends along for the ride with me. Keep on keepin’ on.

  2. To the never jaundiced, always jocular, Jonny Numb, without the ‘h’ and the perineal or some suggest perennial, pontificate, PA, professorial Billy ‘Crash’, forever with Jonny’s jacked ‘h’, congrats on your sasquatch show! Jon, please ask Bill to pronounce sasquatch properly for me.
    I very much enjoyed the mixed, pot pourrie of genres, but y’all will never appreciate what you’ve started. Now, with each of your shows, I’m lauched into research at Google and IMDb to watch trailers while y’all are on pause. It’s a fun way to ‘watch’, stretch your shows beyond sanity, and listen to you two. I believe in the unpopular approach of providing edible show and tell to the audience on lockdown.
    Jonny, I must stick with Bill for a brief second on the ICEPIERCER’s immediate, major, can’t suspend disbelief flaw about the tracks. Beyond that the film was an exercise in the horror of claustrophobia. Politics and politicians will be the death of us all as we toil hrough life eating their SOYLENT GREEN, Little Debbie cakes and pies. In life, aren’t we all just crawling and clawing to reach the light beyond mom’s womb or the front of the train? The struggle is real and current. This one reminded me of more than a few films and reads. For some weird reason, ATLAS SHRUGGED, MOSES, SNAKES ON A PLANE, and MAD MAX came to mind in a flash, as did Snake Plissken in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. At times, SNOWPIERCER was as comical as EFNY, while being brutally honest. Pink Floyd’s music (hey teacher leave them kids alone) also came to mind. Hey, was that Asian dude in Sp, the same actor who starred in I SAW THE DEVIL?
    Oh, well. ‘Nuff said by me.
    Truly a great show, guys, and thank you so kindly for the shoutout.
    Jonny, Bill, you may move to the front of the train to the engine now, if you can tell me the speed of a Peregrin Falcon in a forty knots headwind while I fart in your general direction. Also, when you reach the front, Jon, put Bill in the hole for fuel. I think he’ll carry you farther as long as the tracks hold up.
    Dig the kitten purrs, Jon!
    See, show and tell.

    1. Once again, your wit-ridden writing rocks my world. I can’t thank you enough for listening in and for all the excellent comments.

      The great Korean actor, Kang-ho Song, has appeared in many awesome films, such as SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE, SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE, THIRST, and THE HOST. Unfortunately, Song did not appear in I SAW THE DEVIL.

      I hope you find some of the films we discussed as worthwhile. Let us know.

      And how can we not SCREAM OUT to you? “The Ron Shaw Show” always entertains, you’re a wonderful writer, and you rock on all levels, my friend. Be well!

  3. Just have to say, another amazing show. So glad Jonny brought up THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE…really an underappreciated gem of a movie (and great book). Got the DOUBLE FEATURE episode on deck next. Keep rockin’ it!

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