THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hopeless Horror

The Last Knock

We explore those feel good horrors. You know, the ones without signs of hope from the very beginning, the ones that rip out your guts and stomp on your emotions as you spend ninety minutes in suspense waiting for something good to happen – and it doesn’t. Now, THAT’S horror. INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, THE THING, MARTYRS, THE BUNNY GAME, THE DEATH KING, and more.

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13 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hopeless Horror”

  1. I watched PRINCE OF DARKNESS for the first time on VHS way, way back. I haven’t seen it since, and that’s a damn shame. Past time to see it again.

    1. Agreed, Isaac. PRINCE OF DARKNESS is a blast. Every time I get bored, I either watch that or THE THING, or THE NINTH GATE. I think it’s the atmosphere in each one that keeps me riveted to the screen.

  2. Great show, as always! I’m going to have to break down and watch Martyrs and The Bunny Game. I keep hearing good things about these flix. Will have to drop a few bux to see Martyrs on Amazon Instant. Bunny Game is available only on DVD, so I’ll have to order it.

    1. Me and Bill (other Bill) will probably do a “Macabre Milestone” show about MARTYRS sometime in the future (not sure when). As you’ll see, it’s pretty ripe for discussion.

  3. My maternal great great grandmother who fought in what she called “the great war for southern Indiependence” once told me, “Son, ifin’ it’s corn sqeezins you’re tryin’ to sell, don’t turn away half of yer potential customers yapping yer soup coolers ’bout religion or politics. Wait til they dun bought the juice, liquored themselves up a mite and then unload some shadetree Jesus and Abe on ’em, if yer must.” She was a wise lady.
    I loathe…no. Loathe isn’t a strong enough verb to describe my hatred for such mistreatment of religion or the fringed, religious cooks. While I know the subject is fertile ground to be pissed upon, I hatefully loathe how writers like SK continue to take a massive, agenda-driven, hot and steamy, peanut-filled dump on those with or of faith. Agendas worshipped in any form of artistic endeavor gives me gas. The world is now a foxhole, and I for one do believe in the boogeyman.
    With that said, youse guys did it to me again. I was swept up, wadded into a rotund ball, and rather rudely nudged into YouTube, looking for trailers of all these movies you were discussing. Then, y’all talked about THE BUNNY GAME, a movie I’d never seen. So, off to YT I went, continuing down the DONNIE DARKO, wicked rabbit’s hole. Shazam! To my delight, there was the entire TBG movie free to watch. I immediately muted you guys and watched TBG for about forty minutes. That’s all I could take. As if that poor soul’s life wasn’t already in the stopped-up crapper! Nope, she crawls into the semi with the sicko. I’m convinced that this film was originally shot in color, but about halfway through it morphed into black and white out of necessity. It was denied by the film god Mercy of the privilege to be seen in color. After bruising my tattered soul for forty, horrid minutes, I decided to give you dudes a break before snooze time.
    Picked you back up this morning, finished your show, and still in classic B&W THE f’in BUNNY GAME was ripping my guts out, inch by inch.
    Back to YouTube for more research due to Jonny Numb and Billy Crash.
    I’m spent!
    Great show.

    1. Thanks, Ron! Admittedly, this isn’t the sunniest of topics. 40 minutes with THE BUNNY GAME is nothing to take lightly – some probably can’t make it past the first 40 seconds.

      1. Jon, I experienced what you and Bill described so well in TBG. It may be too realistic for many who wander into it.
        Unlike Megan is Missing, it was difficult to have much empathy for the victim. Her life choices to include drug addiction made her an easy target for anyone to abuse. In a twisted way, even without watching the entire movie, the serial killer may have done her a mercy…eventually. I didn’t see her escaping this one.
        The camera work was a tad too edgey, and it often became very irritating. It did nothing to help promote realism. It was frenzied and quite psychotic as was the sparse dialogue. I found myself looking away due to these techniques more than the abuse that was occuring on screen.

        1. TBG is a hard one to say the least – especially when the actress allowed herself to be really branded by hot iron – twice. This was one of those hopeless horrors that made me want to watch cartoons to bounce back to a smile.

          1. Bill, it’s one of those once in ten lifetimes sort of thing, but after listening to this show and making comments, I found Bleeding Critic’s @bleedingcritic review of TBG and listened. I was floored to hear him say the things I’d written above. Blown away because what the hell do I know. He said he made it 45 minutes.
            I watched some old Popeye cartoons after the 40 minutes of TBG I could stand. Popeye would’ve kicked the living crap out of that twisted trucker.

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