THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror of War

The Last Knock

Throughout history, war has been horrific on physical and psychological levels. Therefore, it doesn’t seem much of stretch to have a horror film based in military conflict – but is this exploitation or something more? We’ll look at MEN BEHIND THE SUN, DEATH DREAM, THE DEVIL’S ROCK, the OUTPOST franchise, SHOCK WAVES, R-POINT, and more to find out what films get it right.

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11 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror of War”

  1. Guys, without doubt, this show was one of your best that I’ve caught, and I’ve listened to quite a few of them. There was an energy of heart and soul in this one that was easily felt.
    Bless the men and women who are and were willing to put their lives on the line for us in military service. They’re personal sacrifices are the reason we can so freely enjoy the wonderful freedoms we have.
    Waxin’ serious is not my forte. So, here comes the norm.
    It was an innate reaction for me to head down to the bunker, select a few K rations to munch on, and head to YouTube for this one. It was a salty extravaganza eating from the small cans and researching every movie you dudes mentioned. My “must watch” horror list is almost growing as quickly as my girth. Damned, these rations are good. Think I’ll also have shit on a shingle tonight for supper to continue the sub-genre of military horror-a-thon. DOG SOLDIERS will commence at zero dark thirty.
    Speaking of spot on or damned clsoe to it war films, it’s hard to beat the series BAND OF BROTHERS. I’ve had several Nam vets who’ve said FULL METAL JACKET is the absolute best movie about VN war or conflict ever. The M I C K E Y M O U S E final scene was a perfect ending to this film.
    Truly a great show, Jonny and Bill!

    1. Ron, you are awesome as always. Even with your comments, you paint one hell of a picture. I am thrilled to hear what your Vietnam Veteran had to say about FMJ – please send them my best. And you’re right, that end seen is thematically perfect. Enjoy DOG SOLDIERS and send Amber my best!

      1. Amber, says “watup?” She suggests RED WHITE AND BLUE (special forces dude), kind of, sort of military horror. One of my HorMil or WarHor favs because of Mindy (Melinda) Clarke is THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3. TROTLD 1 and 2 had military, also. You covered TROTLD 2. JASON X (blew). GINGER SNAPS THE BEGINNING, CHILD’S PLAY 3, THE PROPHECY kicked rump roast! 28 WEEKS LATER was incredible. 28 DAYS LATER, DAY OF THE DEAD, ZOMBI, THE BLOB, RETREAT for a few others . We very much liked RAVENOUS.

        1. You too have covered a lot of ground, but make certain to have some great southern cooking because an army moves on its stomach. (I apply this logic of Napoleon to making a film.)

          And who could forget CHILD’S PLAY 3 from the military academy? Damn. I truly enjoyed RAVENOUS and liked GINGER SNAPS: THE BEGINNING, but the action/adventure of 28 DAYS LATER to “let’s rebuild humanity” at the military compound brought the film to a halt – for me, anyway.

          For the record, I live near Phoenixville where they shot THE BLOB. I hope to make it to Blobfest this summer!

          1. Bill, since you’re a history buff snd a military one, at that, remind me to tell you the story from my good friend Larry “Big” Prine, who has been on my a show a few times. Seems his great, great grandfather’s mother personally, told pyro W.T. Sherman where he could stick it as they marched through North GA on the way to Atlanta. They were pillaging and plundering all foods, horrses, mules, and other livestock they could as they burned their way to the sea. True story! I’ll tell you the full story one day. It’s a riot.

          2. Totally agree with you about 28 DAYS LATER. Really liked the atmosphere of this one as well as the excellent acting by a stelar cast. But, all good things must go sideways eventually. Which is crueler, man with free will or the afflicted dead come to rise and feed? We enjoyed it despite its flaws.

        2. Ron: RED WHITE AND BLUE is SO good! I can’t believe I forgot about that one – director Simon Rumley is one of my up-and-coming favorites…

  2. Hey, Jimmy. You are far too kind.

    Most important, my very best to your father. I can’t even begin to imagine his stories.

    Be well and thanks so much for listening!

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