THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Melanie McCurdie

The Last Knock

Author and poet, Melanie McCurdie has followed up her successful slew of horror tales with another book of SLAYFUL STORIES. Now, learn the story behind the story, and how this kind-hearted Canadian loves to write about dark nights, creepy crawlies, and bloody pathways. We’ll also find out about her appearance in THE ORPHAN KILLER 2, and why she’s enamored by Norman Reedus and company in “The Walking Dead”.

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6 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Melanie McCurdie”

  1. Bill, it was an extremely, fascinating show hearing the female perspective of a horror writer from another country. Melanie was such fun. Her descriptions of life, writing, her creative process, horror, movies, and her take on the topics covered, in general, were quite unique and refreshing.
    It’s a shame that the USA doesn’t financially support talented people in the arts like you as they do in Canada.
    I’m looking forward to enjoying her in THE ORPHAN KILLER 2, as well.
    I’d suggest she refrain from reading my initial book, MARY’S TRUNK, within the CRAMPED QUARTERS series because squirrels play a major HorCom role in MARY’S TRUNK.
    Also, my wife and daughter adore Norman Reedus…as do I. 🙂

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