THE LAST KNOCK presents: Female Horror Directors

The Last Knock

If you think women hold back the reigns when it comes to horror cinema – man, you need to watch more films! Sure, we talk about the Soska twins and Angela Bettis, as well as Jessica Cameron, Claire Denis, Kathryn Bigelow, Hélène Cattet, Antonia Byrd, Lily Amanpur, Jennifer Lynch, Cindy Sherman, and Jennifer Kent. But we also take a look at upcoming horror superstars Emilie Flory and Jovanka Vuckovick. Find out why horror fans never refer to women as “the fair sex”, and learn why women at the helm will only continue to grow – and bring us great horror.

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5 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Female Horror Directors”

    1. And thank you very much for allowing my tweets to appear in your paper, and for all the wonderful tweets. I am most grateful!

  1. RAVENOUS…Atlanta BBQ will be on me at a local dive with a western fort motif. I’d recommend the Custerly brisket.
    AMERICAN MARY could easily be MADAME FRANKENSTEIN who’s well paid for her scalpel. That GINGER SNAPS babe is hot! The movie made me ashamed to be almost a dude.
    AMERICAN PSYCHO, while it was a brilliant acting job by CB, reminded me of AMERICAN GRAFFITI (play that funky music white boy) meets SWEENEY TODD, New York as he destroys WALL STREET greeders of which he was one of the biggest. I felt nothing but love and pity for those hookers. Not my cup of double creme latte cloaked in designer duds playing their whose-got-the-biggest-cock business card game. The restaurant and food scenes were horroriffic enough in themselves. Loathed the privilege portrayed that was hacked from within. The PSYCHO should have been without.
    I agree totally with Jonny about the remake of CARRIE. The actress playing te part of Carrie was exceptional. She tends to be in everything she touches.
    Anything on film with the name Lynch on it is simply too damned freaky, bros!
    As always, you bloviating blokes have added more nuttin’-but-net flix to my CARRIE, blood-filled, bucket list.

  2. Bill, I’m so glad you mentioned Marina de Van. Not only does she direct, but she writes her own stuff as well. I loved IN MY SKIN–absolutely one of the most squirm-inducing, uncomfortable films I’ve seen. She also wrote and directed DARK TOUCH, which I liked as well She seems to like exploring the horror/psychological thriller territory, so hopefully we’ll see more from her.

    Another that deserves mention, perhaps: Leigh Janiak. I thought HONEYMOON was a solid and promising film. I think her name is being floated with the upcoming THE CRAFT, which, whatever you think of that, good for her.

    I’m so glad you pointed this episode out. Sorry I missed it the first time by!

    1. No need to apologize, Randy! I appreciate the comments, and the great remarks about Janiak. I truly enjoyed HONEYMOON. I certainly don’t mind a THE CRAFT remake, because the original was far from spectacular. Maybe she can make a worthwhile reboot.

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