Crash Analysis: PSYCHIC EXPERIMENT (2010)

So bad it made me hostile

A mad scientist’s psychic experiment is underway in a small town…

This movie is such a complete mess, there is no place to begin.

Regardless, a psychic experiment that turns on crazy people’s telekinetic powers to kill and destroy those around them – for no apparent reason – comes on full force against anybody within spoon-bending striking distance.

Writer/Director Mel House delivers an excruciatingly sub-standard script comprised of far too many characters and enough of a convoluted plot to give one a headache within the first ten minutes. Worst still, this movie has some of the worst dialogue I’ve heard since Ed Wood’s PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, which was funny at least.

Though this is not from the movie, you’ll get the idea about how awful the dialogue sounded at every damn turn: “Give that file to Tommy. You know, the guy in research with the three kids and the drinking problem. Oh boy, I hope he doesn’t lose the file because he was on a bender or we’ll all be in real trouble.” Yes, it was that spot-on atrocious.

As for the story, everyone in town seems to know that the scientific research lab has led to the disappearance of many, yet a group of twentysomethings are determined to get inside and expose the facility all over the internet. Of course, they easily get by security and find their evidence. But lo and behold, the FBI is on the case and wants these meddling kids to expose the lab’s horrors as well. Seems that the FBI has known how evil the organization has been, but apparently needed a higher body count to do anything about it. And the FBI in this movie is the dumbest group of slow moving individuals you’ve ever seen. In fact, this heavy dialogue laden monstrosity has scene after scene of talking heads with actors just standing around as their world crumbles – while the FBI hides out until the dust settles.

Why the beautiful Debbie Rochon and horror fan favorite, Reggie Bannister appeared in this mess, along with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY’s Katie Featherston, is beyond comprehension. And Bannister, like some of the makeup effects department, gave it their all. Others, however, seemed to be waiting for direction from Mel House who seemed to provide no guidance whatsoever.

Stiff deliveries, too much standing around, no subtext, and an over-abundance of non-sensical mutterings will leave you wanting that ninety minutes back.

Without a doubt, PSYCHIC EXPERIMENT is one of the ultra-worse horrors ever made. There is no redeeming quality and it isn’t even worth laughing at. Instead of renting this tremendous pile of fermenting shit, have a laugh with any Ed Wood film – at least you can create enjoyable drinking games from his lackluster work.

No stars awarded

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