THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Home Invasion

The Last KnockThe home invasion subgenre of horror continues to expand like that Satanic village of lame¬†looking McMansions in that new subdivision. We take a look at the tropes and cliches, and separate the good films from the bad movies like INSIDE, MOTHER’S DAY, FUNNY GAMES, THE STRANGERS, YOU’RE NEXT, and many¬†more. Lock your doors and pay attention…

This episode’s SCREAM OUTS: @inthenightdoc @TimothiousSmith @FriscoKidTX @OgOrangeBlade @BleedingCritic @aicforever @AnnThraxx @JohnRosePutnam @BerganJonah @ElectricStarPub @Theladyphantom @RealJillyG @Mel_McBoutin @machinemeannow @NylaVox @issyblack @RSBrzoska





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