THE LAST KNOCK presents: Spring (2014)

The Last KnockThere’s been a ton of buzz about Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s horror/romance SPRING. But is it worth a watch, or just disposable mind candy? We’ll take a look at the tale from story to acting, and cinematography to dialogue.

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17 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Spring (2014)”

  1. Okay, you two, y’all have done it again. Great show!
    BUT, since I’m not restricted by 140 pithy characters, allow me the honor to really tell you a bunch more of what I think. Jonny and Bill WTF! Do you realize how many horror films I’m behind because of youse dudes? My must see queue is out of control. Now, I must snag and watch Resolution, The Battery, and Spring. I hope I’m spelling these horror films correctly. If not, who gives a crap any who.
    Listening to you in tandem is like walking by a fine steak restaurant just as they’re flame-broiling incredible cuts of Kansas City T-bones, New York Strips and linger-lickin’ frickin’ Filet Mignons. The aroma pulls me in. I stand in line waiting for the maitre’ d to notice my salavations. Reservations are mandatory. I have none. Yet, with a crisp fifty cents tip, I’m told to have a seat while the titillating fragrances of juicy beef are killing a hungry boy. The waiting area clears. My table and meal are coming…soon. At the precise moment that my name is to be called, the owner of the joint comes out to where I sit in pain and tosses me from the joint.
    That’s how I’m feeling about Spring. You guys are excellent cooks. But please, give a starvin’ Marvin’ a bone every now and again. Spoilers me! Where’s the beef? Or, more precisely, where the horror? They changed into what? Where’s the creature? Who’s the dark chocolate fudging monster in this flicker? What hot chick? Drone me an angry wasps with a clue guys.
    I suppose I must watch the damn movie to eat. Is this one of those putrid Rosemary’s Baby or Love Story romance things? Maybe they should have it listed as Romance/Horror/SciFi and Travel.
    Fabulous job guys. I hope someone is dusting you down a few coins for at least cooking the steaks.
    Dessert anyone?
    I could stand to drop a few excessive buttered-popcorn pounds.
    My compliments to the chefs!! Tell your skinny maitre’ d that I want my half dollar back.

    1. Coincidentally, Ron, THE LAST KNOCK is looking into steakhouse demographic for advertising (I can just hear mine and Bill’s shows playing between songs at Texas Roadhouse)… Additionally, that’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve been paid, so thank you!

      And we gotta leave you hungry for more, otherwise there’s no reason to check out the movie!

      I would bump THE BATTERY up before RESOLUTION, but that’s just my opinion.

      Thanks for the listen and the feedback!

      1. My daughter, Amber reminded me that we’ve seen RESOLUTION. We jumped over to NF and yep, we’d seen it.
        Yes. I totally understand why you do what you do so well. Whenever I make comments on anything, I feebly attempt to be humorous as well as creative. More times than not, I fall way short of my goals. We’ll have to check out SPRING and THE BATTERY.
        Your show together is always excellent. I very much enjoy listening to you and Bill going back and forth with tons of salient information. The humor and genuine comradery you exude are amazing. It appears to come naturally throughout the podcast.
        I love the shows.

        1. Ron, I don’t know what the hell to say except thank you so very much for your poetic kindness – and for making me hungry.

          Believe me, we’d love to go into greater detail, but I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t want to know a damn thing going into a movie. Just tell me to watch or avoid and that’s good enough for me. Hell, I think we say too much already!

          1. Bill, from this side of the computer, I don’t think you and Jonny say too much, In fact, I’d suggest that you consistently divulge just enough to entice the listeners to head for the movie on the table.
            It’s fascinating to hear you guys discuss the various aspects of the film and then branch out to other movies, music, actors, directors, producers, cameramen, and even sound engineers. I found the discussion on the use of drones in filming most interesting. I can’t wait to experience the voyage scenes to Italy as well as the countryside y’all talked of in SPRING
            If this weren’t plenty on the plate, you effortlessly weave humor into the multi-layered discussion.
            Thanks for the shows, Bill and Jonny. The laughs are delicious extra butter on the corn.

          2. You are far too kind, my friend. I can’t thank you enough for the great compliments.

            We’ll keep that popcorn poppin’!

  2. Hey Billy Crash, great call on Resolution — received and watched it yesterday after bumping it to the top of my Netflix queue. Spring just arrived in the mail today — looking forward to watching it!

    1. Thank you so much, Bill! I’m glad you enjoyed RESOLUTION. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about SPRING. Be well and thanks again for visiting!

  3. So cool to see all the discussion about RESOLUTION, SPRING, and THE BATTERY (those guys are good friends of ours). THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Appreciate you taking time to listen to our show and for leaving a response, Justin.

      Looking forward to hearing more about your Aleister Crowley project and that UFO comedy. Be well and continued success!

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