Crash Analysis: Haunted from Within (2004)



Women’s murder/suicide leads to a curse against young mothers.

If I could give this unredeemable piece of trash negative stars, I would definitely do it.

This ultra-low budget “movie” has problems on all fronts: The story is extremely weak. Furthermore, HAUNTED FROM WITHIN (aka SPIRIT HUNTER: LA LLORONA) is loaded with “talking heads” and too many people on phones, which is absolutely ridiculous. The directing is god-awful, the acting is atrocious, the editing is third rate, the music is abysmal, the cinematography is shameful, and the lighting is horrendous. Give me a second, and I’ll tell you why the credits are hideous…

As an example of bad storytelling: Detective Luppino (Robin Raedeke) tells a doctor during a scene that he’ll be back in a minute. There is a slight fade out as Luppino exits the room, then a fade in as he returns – and that need for the character to leave is never addressed and serves absolutely no purpose to the story. Was it a way to add a few more seconds to the film? Was it a one take with Raedeke who had to duck out and go to the bathroom? The movie is loaded with these kinds of egregious moments that set filmmaking back almost a hundred years.

Granted, the budget for this thing was roughly ten dollars (maybe less), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a damn about the work you create. When my parents were poor, survived on welfare, and lived in the projects of Newark, New Jersey, they still managed to keep a clean and presentable homestead. I’ve seen no budget films, such as the incomparable INK from Jamin Wanans, that rocked on every level. And have you seen the green screen cult phenom that is MANBORG? Horror-wise, there are many ultra-low or micro-budget films that come to mind, including amazing ones like Tony Brownrigg’s RED VICTORIA and Lance Weiler’s HEAD TRAUMA, as well as 2012’s amazing RESOLUTION. There’s no excuse for bringing quality – for bringing art – to the screen if you really have talent, passion, and give a damn.

I have only seen one low budget movie worse than this garbage, and it’s GONE THE WAY OF FLESH – which I can’t discuss without my therapist present. Most important, writer/director/producer Jose L. Cruz – who most likely attended the Ed Wood School for Misdirecting – should be embarrassed. Just put the camcorder down and walk away… I know many artists of all types who admit they have much to learn about their craft, but at least they study, grow, and improve. This is what separates those who care about the work they create versus those without talent. Unfortunately, Cruz has picked up the camcorder once more, and continues to bring us pathetic and poorly crafted movies. Hell, I couldn’t even get through the four-minute trailer of SAVING MELANIE without wanting to vomit. Yes, it’s that atrocious.

As for HAUNTED FROM WITHIN, I wouldn’t even use the DVD as a coaster for drinks.

0 out of 5 stars.

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11 Replies to “Crash Analysis: Haunted from Within (2004)”

  1. Thank you Bill. I had a belly-roll on this review. Some people need a good sensible thrashing. Line ’em up for the “Crash Smack-Down!”

    1. Thank you, my friend. It was utterly deplorable – I could not hold back my tongue. Glad you enjoyed the review (or should I say, warning?). Be well!

      1. It’s ok! I find humor in C-D Movies! 😛 I’ll have you know I’ve been using bad DVD’s for drink coasters for years! >: )

      1. You have not failed sir. I’ll probably agree. I just like watching horrible movies because of that train wreck analogy….or something.

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