THE LAST KNOCK presents: Gore – What is it Good for?

The Last KnockDoes gore have merit in horror at all, or is it just an insipid extra a film’s narrative doesn’t need? We dive deep into the blood puddle to find out. We’ll look at BRAINDEAD, HELLRAISER, GROTESQUE, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, THE BEYOND and many more.

This episode’s SCREAM OUTS: @AnnThraxx, @MartySimms, @loveleov, @FriscoKidTX, @LoudGreenBird, @doubleagent73, @PromoteHorror, @DarcWorks, @GorillaProducer, @BleedingCritic, @dvdinfatuation, @flcamera, @Brianmcse, @Clive_SJohnson, and @NylaVox.

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