Crash Discussion: Decade of Horror – The 80s

The Last KnockWe traipse through the decade with a bloody blade as the slasher reigned supreme, yet show how the 80s re-defined the vampire sub-genre. This ten-year block was built on the back of independent 70’s horror, but it also may have contributed to what many see as a drought in the 90s.

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6 Replies to “Crash Discussion: Decade of Horror – The 80s”

    1. Excited (as always) to hear your thoughts, Vic! There are some films and filmmakers that I overlooked, but I’m going to see if anyone else picks up on them…

    2. Vic, we both hold you in high regard, my friend. Thank you so very much for listening. Be well and continued success.

      And let me know when you’re swinging by the Frazetta Museum.

  1. Awesome show about my favorite decade of horror! Writing a short companion piece for it. Maybe Crash’ll post it. Love it!

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