Crash Discussion: Scores to Scream By

The Last KnockScores and soundtracks can make or break any film, but in horror, musical placement is paramount to capture mood and atmosphere, and to set tone and elaborate on theme. Find out some of the best and worst horror cinema has to offer, and what filmmakers can do to make their horror films even better through music.

8 Replies to “Crash Discussion: Scores to Scream By”

  1. Bill, y’all’ve gone and done it and me in again. Damnit!! The mere listening to your back and forth discussion about music, scores, soundtracks in horror movies has catapulted the one foot I have outside the grave into IMdb, YouTube and all kinds of other sites to research as much of the musicians, composers, movies, directors, and ten zillion other things you blokes toss out so effortlessly. Bill, I’d better get an ‘A’ in this course and graduate school credits after all of this heady chat.
    In short summation, I remain an imbecile in most areas where a brain is necessary, but since my boots aren’t nailed to the floor, I might just learn something. Great job, guys!
    I am Ron Shaw @rongizmo at Twitter and damned me for having such a common name. You’ve made me LMFAO!

    1. Wow! You did earn an “A”, Ron. Glad you enjoyed the show and hope we didn’t overwhelm your noggin too much.

      I hope you had a chance to listen to some cool music, and maybe you even got an idea for a movie or two to watch. Be well, my friend!

      1. Thanks, teach!
        You’ll never appreciate the Netflix and Redbox trips you’ve cost me, and I won’t even complain about the drain on my ‘Finance Charges’ plastic-I-must-swipe account. I’m figuring the excellent horror movies, scores and soundtracks are well worth every penny of someone else’s money.
        Class dismissed?

        1. Holy Hell! You have graduated with a solid 4.0 average, and you are valedictorian of your class. Now, get out there and change the world, Ron Shaw!

    2. Ron – if you’re curious, check my Twitter feed from the past week – I posted YouTube links to samples from the soundtracks/scores I mentioned (in some cases, the entire album).

  2. Great show as usual, guys. You mentioned a few of my favorites – Maniac 2012, It Follows, Prince of Darkness – and I’ve added some titles to my list of music to check out. You also got me thinking about my best-loved soundtracks and scores; Body Double, Psycho, Creepshow, Tenebrae, Slumber Party Massacre, I Was A Teenage Zombie, and Dead Kids aka Strange Behavior, to name a few!

    1. Thanks so much, Annette! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the show.

      Great movie picks! BODY DOUBLE and CREEPSHOW had killer music. But get this, I still have yet to see I WAS A TEENAGE ZOMBIE!

      1. I haven’t seen it either and I don’t think we are missing out on much. Rockin’ soundtrack though!

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