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  1. There are some movies that, when you are a parent of small children, kind of achieve an otherworldly atmosphere of terror. They work fine for non-parents. But if you have kids, they just hit you on an entirely different level. POLTERGEIST is one of them. THE BABADOOK is another.

    There are two things this movie gets entirely right. The first is that kids–we love’em, we do, to the point of self-anihilation–they just constantly invite parents to be their worst selves. To snap angrily in front of everyone in the check out line. To give them a smack in church. To shake them senseless and scream, “Why can’t you behave?! Why can’t you just be normal?!” Parenting is an exercise in constant self-control.

    And that brings us to the second part, which is that parenting is a long fucking grind. It never stops. You are never not a Dad or a Mom. There is always something your children need. They never sleep when they’re supposed to. They never leave you alone. They are always…there. And there’s no way out barring the unthinkable.

    I watched THE BABADOOK and what I saw was the most honest deconstruction of the parental psyche I’d ever seen. The ending nails it.

    1. Randy, that was one hell of a review. Damn. I hope you use some of this in a future “Elements of (Horror) Style” post.

  2. Brilliant review! I want my own copy of that pop-up book so I really hope they’re going to release it soon. Great take on how the book might have come into being. You guys are awesome!!

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words. We are most grateful. And owning that book would be killer!

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