Crash Discussion: WOLFCOP


The Last KnockIs THE LAST KNOCK team howling at WOLFCOP or ripping it to shreds? Find out in this episode

devoted to a B-movie creature feature with bite, comedy, and action. Billy and Jonny claw their way through Lowell Dean’s film about the new cop in town, and whether you should support your new furry cop to put him down for good..

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  1. Whatta mean you don’t like werewolves?!?!?! Well, listening to the program I can see why. One of my irons in the fire is, “The Werewolves of Deadwood” which is nothing like anyone has seen. However, a good question was raised, “It must be so painful to change from a human-like shape into a werewolf…” to paraphrase. However, it is the other way around. The natural self is that of the beast and to turn back into human form is not only a bit painful but downright depressing. I have not watched those shows you talked about and I am extremely guarded on the “Werewolf” movies I do watch. My list is small but powerful.

    Have a great one!

    1. Douglas, thank you so much for the comments, and I love your take on the transformation element. Maybe I’d be disappointed in the change back to human form, but since the traditional lycanthropic tale revolves around the person not knowing what they did in “monster form”, is the change really worth it? Then again, the traditional werewolf tale works because the monster is visceral and out of control from the human host. Then again, if the werewolf mirrors the horrific monster within us all, we may be getting what we deserve.

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