Crash Discussion: Horror Anthologies

Anthologies havThe Last Knocke brought horror fans great story collections over the decades, and we take a look at the best and maybe little known. Engage those tales that made the genre all the more potent with TRICK ‘R TREAT,┬áBLACK SABBATH, THEATRE BIZARRE, CREEPSHOW and many more.

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10 Replies to “Crash Discussion: Horror Anthologies”

  1. “Who loves you, baby?” I said the same thing. He should have used that line when Clint Eastwood showed him the gold ignite in “Kelly’s Heroes.” Love the show! Oh, and thank you all for the mention.

    1. And thank you for everything you do, Douglas. It’s the least I could do.

      And yes, that would have been a killer line in KELLY’S HEROES!

  2. Hi, Bill. Your timing is impeccable seeing how soon we’ll be together in print, represented in an anthology of short stories in the paranormal/ghost/horror/monster genres entitled SPIRITED TALES with fellow author and publishing great Annie Acorn. Our book may well be reminiscent of the works of writers like H.P. Lovecraft. It’s been an interesting, intellectually stimulating, and fun #amwriting journey with you and our fellow writers around the country that are involved in this spooky project.
    With that said, Amber and I very much enjoyed and continue to enjoy the film TRICK ‘r TREAT by Michael Dougherty. Could it have been better? Yes. Many if not most films could have been better, but all-in-all T ‘r T was a fun as well as at times, scary and creepy film. We enjoyed the total atmosphere or look Michael Dougherty created in the film. It was filled with a cast of fine actors…a huge plus t us. This aspect of it added greatly to its overall quality. While both Amber and I like to ‘discover’ new talent as we crunch our huge tubs of hot-buttered popped maze, slurping massive ounces of soda while horrorin’ out at the movies, it’s a pleasure on occasion to have the tried and true actors we follow on the big screen before us. Anthologies are perfect for these short story formats and sometimes, extended cameo performances.
    Amber gave TRICK ‘r TREAT 4 Pedes…I gave it 3 Pedes because for me the humor presented was totally rock blocking my spook on.
    Boogey on, Bill, my friend. Whale

    1. Glad you enjoyed the show, Ron, as well at TRICK ‘R TREAT. I have to watch it again, because if the comedy and horror don’t gel well enough, like you, I usually end up disappointed. We’ll see what the sequel brings!

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