Crash Discussion: Highway of Horror

The Last KnockTake a ride with us as we floor it and find out why horror and cars go so well together. Whether it’s CHRISTINE or DEAD END, and HITCHER or BLOOD CAR, there’s a gas guzzlin’ monster for everyone. Get it in gear – and don’t check the rearview – just drive with us and embrace the carnage.

12 Replies to “Crash Discussion: Highway of Horror”

  1. Bill, I immediately googled a picture of the Edsel and…yeah, totally see it.

    There’s a flick from the 80’s (1980 according to IMDB) called THE HEARSE that as I recall wasn’t half bad. Not great, but watchable. Used to see it on cable every now and then when I was young. Haven’t seen it a long while. Either of you guys caught it?

    And how about Steven Spielberg’s DUEL? Does that fit into this conversation or you would you consider that more of a thriller? I think it skirts the line.

    Awesome show as always!

    1. Glad you checked out the Edsel! I could’ve sworn we mentioned DUEL. If not, I know we did on another show. Thriller, yes, but the suspense delivered pure terror.

  2. Two others while I’m thinking about it: JEEPERS CREEPERS and THE BATTERY. Interesting thing about those 2 (and DUEL) is that the car in those movies kind of becomes a trap, a cell. Characters feel tethered to the car because they see it as their only means of escape or shelter (not incorrectly), because it is a valuable possession, because of sentiment, inertia, whatever. And their unwillingness to leave it behind makes it a deathtrap. CUJO kind of falls into this category as well.

    1. Correct on all fronts, Randy. (And as your previous mention of HEARSE, I do remember it from way back). And I’m smacking myself for not remembering CUJO in this case. Rats!

    2. What Bill said. I can’t believe I forgot THE BATTERY, which used a vehicle in a most innovative way (heck, that movie added a lot of new and exciting elements to a tired subgenre). And JEEPERS CREEPERS occurred to me while we were recording, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I didn’t feel qualified enough to speak on it.

  3. Surprised no one mentioned the 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero from “Brain of Blood.” Truly horrifying. The battery alone was an exercise in terror.

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