Crash Discussion: Witches of Distinction

The Last KnockThe witch has been at the center of worldwide folklore for thousands of years. At times revered, and other times feared, the witch is the prime subject of many a horror, from 1922’s HAXAN to 2014’s THE¬†WITCH. We not only look at witches throughout horror cinema, but the politics and realities of witch hunting. We’ll also look at SUSPIRIA, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, PUMPKINHEAD, BABA YAGA, LORDS OF SALEM, BLACK DEATH, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, and many more.

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  1. Metal, as always.

    Bill, I’m kind of surprised you didn’t mention POISON FOR THE FAIRIES. I know you like that one (and thanks to you, I do as well) and witchcraft is central to that film’s plot.

    Another perhaps to think about: Ben Wheatley’s KILL LIST (2011). Although it’s hard to figure at first how witchcraft fits into it and talking about it too much might be a bit spoiler-y.

    Would WAKE WOOD (2011) fit into the conversation as well? Yeah, it’s more of a pagan cult than out-and-out witchcraft in that film. But then, really, there’s no separating the two (paganism, witchcraft), either.

    1. Randy, you just knocked me right off the chair. POISON FOR THE FAIRIES would definitely fit, and so would WAKE WOOD. And I get what you’re saying about KILL LIST. But don’t worry, I know Johnny and I want to revisit this in the future. In fact, I’d love to interview a witch and find out that individual has to say about how horror gets it wrong and right.

    2. Good call on KILL LIST, Randy – that aspect of the film is so vague and understated (well, except for that barnstorming ending [shudder]) that it didn’t even occur to me. Wheatley is becoming quite the master of putting multiple genres in a blender and hitting “puree.”

  2. Hello, Bill, forgive my intrusion into this discussion, but I’m just not certain where this new book would or might not fit here. It more than likely doesn’t for several reasons to include it is a new book rather than film. I think you know of Olivia Stanton Twitter’s @NylaVox. She’ll be coming to my show in the future, and when reading this write-up, I figured it sounded either witchy or paganish, possibly both. Please forgive my stomping through. This is the link to the piece. Nyla Vox ‘Olivia’ is a very talented, fascinating lady living in PA, too.
    I’ll swim out now.

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