CRASH DISCUSSIONS: Interview with Horror Director Nick Simon

The Last KnockWho’s worked with Alexandre Aja and Wes Craven? Filmmaker Nick Simon, that’s who. In fact, his mentor, Wes Craven, is currently producing his new film venture, THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS. Find out about the film, what it’s like to work with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alum, Emma Caulfield, and much more.

2 Replies to “CRASH DISCUSSIONS: Interview with Horror Director Nick Simon”

  1. Great show, Bill. Nick was fun to listen to and his insight and anecdotes were refreshing and unique (especially about Wes). He sounds like a cool guy and comes across very down to earth.

    I just watched “The Pyramid” and my review is coming down the pipe. Keep up the great interviews, Bill. You are very good at it. Take care man and be well!


    1. Hey, Vic! Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. Nick is indeed cool and I look forward to having him on again. I’m looking forward to engaging with THE PYRAMID, and let me know when your review is up! Enjoy, my friend!

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