The Last KnockWhether due to pregnancy or birth, or both, the unborn and the recently born have been a catalyst for many a horror. We’ll take a look at evil spawn, alien births, the other, the uncanny and more, from VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED to ROSEMARY’S BABY, and from the under-appreciated GRACE to INSIDE. You may even find some surprises from XTRO and ALIEN. Enjoy the contractions…

7 Replies to “CRASH DISCUSSIONS: Bad Babies”

  1. I’m so glad you brought up IT’S ALIVE. I’d never go so far as to say Larry Cohen is any kind of great auteur. But his films never bore me. And that’s strong currency to carry in my book. Caveat: I have not seen IT’S ALIVE II or III.

    1. Thanks, Randy. IT’S ALIVE is far from perfect, but it does resonate. To be honest, I have to check out the sequels. I only recall part of III so I have to revisit both features.

  2. Great podcast guys! Like always, a very entertaining and insightful (and of course very humorous) episode. Loved the examination of Rosemary’s Baby and Village of the Damned. Village was indeed way ahead of it’s time and I enjoyed your breakdown of the meaning of not only the title but of the circumstances of what happens in Midwich. It was the only flick back then to explore the evil children trope. (At the height of the cold war! LOL) Until RB came along, anyway. (I actually liked Carpenter’s remake despite the flaws. I know I know, you wanna kick my teeth in)

    Best part of the show: IT’s Alive!!! LOVE that movie. So off the wall and zany but it has some profound aspects too and I’m glad you guys touched upon them all. Jonny observing and discussing the opening of the movie was great to listen to. You are right about the tongue in cheek aspect and the way you mention the POV of the parents was pretty thought provoking. Oh and Michael Moriarty kills it in every Cohen flick he’s in. Like The Stuff and Q! He’s bad ass.

    Keep up the great work, Guys. You have given me some flicks to re-watch like the Brood and It’s Alive. Been way too long since I have seen them. Thanks and can’t wait for the next show!


    1. Vic, you rock, my friend. Thanks so much for your excellent comments – and I’m glad you enjoyed the show. And there’s no way we’d ever want to kick your teeth in!

      I LOVED Moriarty in Q: THE WINGED SERPENT. Hell, that movie is one of my most favorite guilty pleasures. Moriarty and Carradine ended up making one wild buddy film.

      Now, I have to dive into those IT’S ALIVE sequels just to see Moriarty work his magic.

      Be well and enjoy!

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