Crash Discussions: Bad to the Best of 2014’s Horror Cinema

The Last KnockWe take a look at 2014’s horror offerings,¬†from WRONG TURN 6: LAST RESORT and SEE NO EVIL 2, to THE BABADOOK, CRAWL OR DIE, and LIFE AFTER BETH. Don’t miss the countdown, the rundown, and the sparring – as well as the worst Horatio Sanz impersonation of all time.

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4 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Bad to the Best of 2014’s Horror Cinema”

  1. Bill and Jonny awesome show, great job!

    Jon, I feel your pain. By the time flick is released on DVD and then comes off the ‘very long wait list’ and finally gets to my house, it’s usually like 2 years past the release date. I’m still catching up with 2012.

    Sorry to say, but Tony Burgess did, indeed, write the screenplay to SEPTIC MAN. I’m friends with the guy on Facebook and I’m afraid to watch it because I know I’ll hate it and he seems really proud of it. In my head I’m just like, ‘No, Tony! No! Write the sequel to PONTYPOOL! PONTYPOOL!’

    1. Okay, now I have to see SEPTIC MAN. Of course, I’ll be in a fetal position the whole time, but I just have to do it. Sigh.

      Randy, since I don’t see a PONTYPOOL 2: ELECTRIC BUGALOO in the near future, I can only thank you for stopping by and sharing your angst. I might just have to watch PONTYPOOL tomorrow night.

    2. As odd as it sounds, SEPTIC MAN had potential – but it’s pretty obvious they had 15 pages of script (if that) with no idea how to expand it to feature length (a lot of half-baked plot points and characters). I’m shocked that Burgess would be proud of it in a non-ironic sense.

      Randy: with the expansion of the medium from the cinema-only premieres of several decades ago to where we are now (festival runs; VOD; theatrical release), I think has muddied the concept of a definitive release date.

      Bill: just as an aside, I’ve seen ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE crop up on several “best of 2014” lists from review sites I frequent regularly (Film Freak Central; Slant; Brian, so ;-P

      1. Gotcha, Jon. Interestingly, though not listed as a horror (though I think we both want it to be), I’ve seen UNDER THE SKIN listed as a horror of the year nominee.

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