Crash Discussions: The 100th Episode!

The Last KnockCome join us as we tackle some pretty hefty questions from fans in our 100th episode. Billy and Jonny talk about what scares them most, what they look for in a horror film, and what child friendly horrors might exist. We’ll even tell you about our favorite lines from HELLRAISER, and what movie we’ve both been dying to talk about. Oh, and there’s so much more – maybe too much!

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2 Replies to “Crash Discussions: The 100th Episode!”

  1. Hands down what scares me the most in books, movies, and, as well as in life, are evil, human beings.
    A very close second to that would be old Scratch, because he, more than anything or anyone else, epitomizes all that is evil with the added difficulty, if not, near impossible task to combat or destroy him every time he pops out.
    This is probably why the most evil villains in horror never grow old. They’ll always be with us.
    The myths live on as the innocent perish in a multitude of creative ways… horrifically-rendered, carnage, body counts, pure, unadulterated evil, and yep, even gore sells tickets, buckets of hot-buttered corn, and super-sized sodas.
    This wonderful genre has the legs of an Olympian Gold Medalist in weight-lifting. Ron Shaw of

    1. Your final statement is perfect, Ron. And I agree with you, human beings can be the worst – and this is sadly repeated every damn day.

      Many thanks to great people like you for keeping those monsters at bay.

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