Crash Discussion: Thespians of Terror: Dee Wallace

The Last Knock

We take a look at one of horror cinema’s favorites, the amazing Dee Wallace. She brings a special strength to her characters – even when they seem most vulnerable. We’ll take a close look at her work in THE HILLS HAVE EYES, CUJO, the HALLOWEEN remake, THE LORDS OF SALEM, and more! Don’t miss this salute to one of the genre’s best performers!
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11 Replies to “Crash Discussion: Thespians of Terror: Dee Wallace”

  1. Jonny Numb here, with a CORRECTION: Robert Englund was not in THE LOST (I was confusing the casts of that and RED, another Jack Ketchum adaptation with a similarly eccentric, character-actor cast). I swear, I otherwise know my horror.

    1. Hard to argue your excellent points, Amber. That “The X-Files” episode of “Home” is a total knockout!

      Thanks so much for listening and visiting!

  2. Great opening guys, you 2 crack me up. So, you’re a meme, now, Bill? Another great show, fellas. Starting to finally catch up on your most recent eps. I have been a longtime fan of Dee Wallace since The Howling (Which is probably my favorite film of hers) and on-wards.

    I even enjoyed her in Lords of Salem, in which she stole the show from everyone else. She has had an amazing career and you guys touched upon so many of her great movies (LOVE The Frighteners). I haven’t seen The Lost, yet, though. Will get to it one day. As far as Halloween, I do agree that even with her short screen time in the movie, she was awesome. It was indeed effective, like Jonny says. It is very indicative of her versatility. Zombie Killers sounds really cool. I hope it is a success for her.

    Once again, very good show, guys. You both rock. And no, Jonny, I don’t think that Dee would adopt you.

    1. Excellent, Vic! Thank you so much for your wonderful response.

      I just love Ms. Wallace to no end in THE LORDS OF SALEM. She has this tremendous way of mixing faux innocence and charm with firepower.

      But no, I’m not a mime… Wait a minute. Anyway…

      Have a great one, Vic!

    2. Vic, why did you have to go burst my bubble like that?

      [tosses impassioned letter to Dee Wallace into the fire]

      Just kidding. As always, thanks for the kind & insightful words. THE LOST is a tough sit, but very well-done; great performances from Wallace, Michael Bowen, and Ed Lauter (among many, many others). Ketchum’s book is also definitely worth reading.

  3. Awesome show guys! What an energic, fine actress and by fine, i mean one of horror’s finest! I do agree that seeing her name in a cast for a film should (As it does for me) level up the interest for the particular work. For instance: The House of the Devil. I think she’s got a very little appearance in that one, still she manages to be recognized easily.

    While i think about her, there are also numbers of interesting films that she appeared in and i watched only once. You just made me think about going back into some of them, like Cujo, The Howling.

    1. She owns CUJO. In all honesty, I have trouble with the film because I love dogs and can’t watch the St. Bernard’s collapse, but Ms. Wallace owns this film.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Jonny.

      Be well!

    2. Thanks for the kind words, Jonny! CUJO is a must-own, in my opinion (even though I don’t own it…yet). But THE HOWLING is definitely one I need to revisit, especially after familiarizing myself with so much of Wallace’s other work.

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