Want to be part of THE LAST KNOCK’s 100th Episode?

Hey, Horror fans!

Jonny and I are about two shows away from our 100th episode of THE LAST KNOCK. And we can’t thank all of our thousands of listeners enough for making that happen.

For this centennial show, we’d love to field your questions about Jonny, me, or horror in general. We’ll answer as many as possible, and give you full credit, of course.

All you need to do is leave your questions for us in the comments section to this post. The deadline is midnight, Eastern Time, on November 11.

Thank you so much for making THE LAST KNOCK a success!

Yours in horror,

Billy Crash

(Photo from Fan Pop.)

22 Replies to “Want to be part of THE LAST KNOCK’s 100th Episode?”

  1. Here’s one from peanut gallery: Are there any movies (good or bad) you guys have been dying to talk about that you haven’t been able to work into the show yet? What are they? Why? Here’s your chance…

  2. My daughter is 7 years old and has expressed interest in horror films as she likes to look at (often wildly inappropriate) dvd/blu ray covers from my collection at home. She loved ‘Coraline’ and ‘Frankenweenie’ but was too scared of “The Witches’ to even get through it. She also wandered into the room once and watched ‘House on Haunted Hill’ with me and seemed to enjoy it. I know this isn’t anything you’ve done in 99 episodes (unless I am mistaken) but do you have any kid-friendly horror that you could recommend for a father trying to raise a cinephile.

    Thanks, Doug/Paul

  3. Hi Billy Crash Hi Jonny Numb Thank you so much for the show. You’re the best and I’m a big fan.
    Here is a question for you guys… What’s horror for you? What scares you most in life?
    Thank you very much for answering
    Barbijana Monsen 😉

    1. We may be too scared to answer this one! But never fear, we’ll stand tall and take it full on during the show. Thanks so very much!

      1. That’s a great answer. I like it very much. Thank you Billy Crash.
        Note that I’m Barbijana Monsen here even if the name of my avatar is not mentioned.
        Sorry for that.

      1. So you’re Jonny Numb! One of my favorite contributor to my indiegogo campaign! I knew it!
        I can’t thank you enough Jon +++ I’m truly grateful.
        Thank you for your kind words. I also love your avatar. It’s classy, ironical and… mysterious.
        Regarding the question, it was asked by Barbijana but I couldn’t find a way to hide my real name.
        Anyway call me Barbijana. No need to answer this on the show. I wish you a wonderful day.
        Thank you so very much.

  4. Here’s my question for Billy Crash: What aspect of film making intrigues you most? Acting, directing, producing, casting?

  5. A two-parter from Owen McCuen (@OwenMcCuenQuest), via Facebook:

    A. You guys are great foils as hosts and obviously good friends; How do you know each other?
    B. Labor of love for all eternity, or are there plans to monetize TLK?

    And from Dave Koenig (@AFiendOnFilm), via Facebook:

    Q: “Who is the ‘most delicious’ actress out there?”

    And thanks to everyone else who’s submitted questions so far – these should make for an interesting show 🙂

  6. From Kyle Schiffert (@TTBOProductions), via Facebook:

    Q: When deciding if a horror movie is good or not what criteria do you use? Gallons of blood? How hot are the scream queens?

  7. haha i’ve got too many questions, feel free to pick and choose! congratulations on the first 100 episodes! 1. which movies have inspired and or influenced your writing? 2. What is your favorite horror novel? 3. what is one of your most memorable horror movie watching experiences. 4. Favorite horror movie soundtrack? 5. In all of your interviews and adventures, which encounter has been the most inspiring or uplifting with your creative self?

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