Crash Discussions: Behind the Horror – Bathroom

The Last KnockYes, the bathroom is┬áthe most intimate place in our world – until it’s in a horror movie. Find out why shower scenes and toilet terror freak us out so much. And you might become a little more intimate with Billy Crash and Jonny Numb than you had every hoped to. Mr. Bates will now attend to your shower…


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6 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Behind the Horror – Bathroom”

  1. First, thanks for the scream out! Awesome.

    I think it’s interesting that you got to THE SHINING rather early in the show. Both Kubrick and King we’re (are) big on including bathroom scenes in their work. For Kubrick, it seems the bathroom holds a lot of subtextual significance–they say something about the nature of humanity: we are biological and base. He includes toilets in most of his films (I learned that from Roger Ebert…I don’t know that I’d’ve noticed otherwise). King says (and this is me interpreting what I remember) that bathrooms are thought of as private sanctuaries, but are often the places where nightmares are born or discovered. What’s that lump? That blemish? Why am I bleeding there? They are the places you discover/investigate what the fuck is wrong with you.

    Crash, I thought I was the only one that was scared by that scene from BOGGY CREEK. A local TV station played that for their weekday afternoon movie (right before dinnertime…now they show news from 4-6) several times one year. I watched it, fascinated, every time. And just about peed my pants..every time. Now I laugh. But then…not so much.

    By the way, Jonny…how about DEATH BIDET: THE BIDET THAT EATS?

    1. Randy, love the information and thank you as well for your observations, especially about Kubrick and King.
      Glad I wasn’t the only kid to be freaked out about Bigfoot’s desire to invade during toilet time. Sonsabitches.
      As for DEATH BIDET, I sense a future Kickstarter in the making…

    2. Randy – I believe the King quote you’re paraphrasing is in reference to DREAMCATCHER (which I meant to bring up, even though the movie was disappointing), another film that uses a bathroom incident as a transitional point.

      And love the title! My mind keeps flashing back to the ladle-up-the-ass stuff from GOZU, and not in a good way.

      1. Yes, I think that’s exactly where that King quote came from. I was too lazy to go back and look it up. Thanks! Bathrooms are apparently also the place where you discover what exactly is coring out your asshole with its razor sharp teeth.

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