Crash Discussions: Director of the Damned: Ti West

PodcastimageThe Delaware born filmmaker Ti West brings a busload of themes and techniques to make his horrors thrive. Billy and Jonny take a look at West’s short career and zero in on the common threads and risk-taking in THE ROOST, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, THE INNKEEPERS, THE SACRAMENT and more. Don’t miss this in depth look into one of horror’s finest masters.


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9 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Director of the Damned: Ti West”

  1. Once again, a fantastic show, guys! Great observations. Jon, you were on fire this episode.

    Regarding HOUSE OF THE DEVIL…I know you guys think differently, but I think it’s West’s best film to date and one of my favorite horrors of the past decade (not the top, but definitely in that top dozen or so). I really thought he nailed characterization, casting, pacing, etc..just about perfectly. Even the strange, quirky details like, as Jon mentioned, Mr. Ulman mentioning the pizza twice. Even though the plot was rather conventional, I thought the details came together to make for a rather unique viewing experience. A late 60s or 70s throwback.

    I like THE INNKEEPERS quite a bit, but something about the pacing threw me off. Bill, I know you thought HOUSE was a bit slow in spots…well I thought the same thing about THE INNKEEPERS. There were lots of terrific scenes, great casting and acting. But where in HOUSE the slow burn was a strength, here West just seemed to play things a bit too coy. I’ll have to watch it again, see if I change my mind.

    THE SACRAMENT should have been his strongest film, but I thought he made a few missteps I thought were out of character for him. Namely, indulging in cheap spectacle in a few spots where the horror of what was actually taking place was more than enough. They felt forced to me in what was otherwise a naturalistic/realistic descent into hell (I’m thinking of the self-immolation scene and young Savannah’s death scene in particular). I just didn’t buy what he was selling there when everything else in the film worked so damn well. It was jarring.

    In short, they’re three really good films separated by marginal degrees of quality

    1. Randy, thank you so much for this excellent post!

      As you will check out THE INNKEEPERS once more, I will do the same with THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

      In regard to THE SACRAMENT, I agree about Savannah’s death. I felt the immolation scene worked, however, due to a cleansing by fire, and the fire’s relation to Christian mythos. It seemed fitting.

      In all honesty though, I’m still waiting for West to bring us his very best.

      Be well!

    2. Interesting – I found the pacing of THE INNKEEPERS tighter than HotD, but that might have played into the fact that there was more overall character interaction, as opposed to the mostly “one woman show” of HOUSE.

      As far as THE SACRAMENT goes, I do agree that some of the suffering came off as gratuitous, but never to the point where it felt at odds with the otherwise convincing, intense tone. The fact that West makes every character a potential expendable heightens the terror in each of his films, but avoids the “body count drinking game” mentality.

      1. I admit that I didn’t care for the (*** SPOILER ALERT ***) mother slashing her daughter’s throat scene to spare her daughter. A quick stab to the heart would have done the job without the suffering.

  2. Hi Billy and Johnny, I enjoyed your Podcast! 🙂 Wow it’s the 100th Show.. You really need to something Special?
    Let me know what you end up doing guys! .. I Love Supporting you Horror Guys!! x

    1. Exactly what Jonny said, Vicky! A live podcast may not be possible at this time, but if the subject rocks, we’ll give into the murky depths with abandon…

      Thanks so much for posting!

    2. Thankyou so much for my Shoutout and plug about Normandy veterans association!
      Looking forward to the 100th The last Knock! Knowing you both,It will be bloody good.

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