Crash Discussions: Gateway to Horror

PodcastimageNo, this isn’t a gateway to Hell, but we take a look at films for the horror neophyte searching for those cool films to get them started in the genre. Get ready to dive into NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, THE THING, MARTIN, DOG SOLDIERS, GINGER SNAPS, and much more – plus the logic behind Billy’s and Jonny’s choices. Then see if you can convince a horror hater to dive into the genre and explore the bloody depths…
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3 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Gateway to Horror”

    1. Thanks so much, Randy! Glad you enjoyed the show. NIGHT OF THE CREEPS is cool because it’s a catch all of horror greatness.

    2. Thanks, Randy! I really liked doing this show, because it forced both of us to look at horror from a different perspective. NIGHT OF THE CREEPS is one of the few horrors I watch multiple times a year, just because it’s so much fun – Tom Atkins may be the ultimate bad-ass in my book.

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