CRASH DISCUSSIONS: Behind the Horror — Mirror

PodcastimageWe take a close look at the mirror, and how it’s used in horror cinema: from EVIL DEAD 2 and THE SHINING, to CANDYMAN and OCULUS. Psychology, philosophy, culture, and literary imagery all play a part in making this one important portal to reflect upon.

2 Replies to “CRASH DISCUSSIONS: Behind the Horror — Mirror”

  1. haha Billy, I laugh out loud every time you laugh, which leads to some very great awkward moments in public! I thought I would mention the Mirror Mirror trilogy to accompany this podcast. I can’t attest to the quality of them, but I think they are worth mentioning because they are mostly made by women. And well, the first one has Karen Black and a garbage disposal.

    1. Awesome, Jason! Karen Black and a garbage disposal? I’m there! As always, thanks so much for the information. Rock on, have a great week, and try not to laugh too hard in crowded areas!

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