Crash Discussions: Interview with Bleeding Critic

Tis a sad day when one can’t enjoy a face-to-mask conversation with a guest, but it’s Bleeding Critic Youtube Film Reviewswonderful to know that old fashioned email communication can still deliver. What follows is an interview with the Clown Prince of Horror, the captivatingly creepy, Bleeding Critic. His real name and identity are unknown. However, he offers up the chills on a regular basis with his own horrific tales, and as a patron of the genre, he promotes independent filmmakers, authors, critics, and fans.

Enjoy the brevity of Bleeding Critic:


When you left the acting profession, what compelled you to become bleedingcritic?

  • “Most film reviews encouraged me not to buy a cinema ticket because I was spoon fed the whole bleeding-plot. It was then natural for me to start writing. For the first time in my life I started listening to my instinct.” 

Names are the cornerstone of one’s personality. Therefore, why did you choose to be called Bleeding Critic?

  • “With all other film-critics their looks and personalities can get in the way of their work. I had to create something unique. My abattoir was first, and when I decided my new name was to be bleedingcritic, it just fit like a glove.”

The mask you wear to conceal your identity is one of a kind. Why did you choose a clown, and one with such a specific look?

  • ” I wanted my look to be disturbing & colourful – And an original clown face would provide that creative freedom. I had so many ideas and they are all are blended into the design…I’ll never forget the first time I looked in the mirror with it. The final result was exactly how I imagined it to be. It delivered a shocking impact.”


You are extremely supportive of independent horror cinema and art, but what drew you to the genre?

  • “Thank you. I’ve always connected & been comfortable with horror films ever since I was a young clown.”

What was your original exposure to horror and how did it affect you?

  • “When I was told I was too young to watch a particular film, due to its adult content, curiosity suffocated me until I witnessed the forbidden. I got addicted to the excitement of not knowing what visual treat I was going to experience.”

As a critic of horror, what do you search for in a horror film?

  • “The film MARTYRS is an example of what I search for. All the essential disturbing ingredients in one imaginative & surprising package.”

What one horror stands out for you the most?

  •  “So many bleeding-memories…At this point in time the film that keeps returning to mind is MEGAN IS MISSING.”

As a former actor, are there any thespians in the horror genre that impress you? 

  • “I was very impressed by Hugh Dancy & Mads Mikkelsen’s work in the Hannibal TV series. They were both absolutely outstanding.Though to be fair they had the benefit of a great script and brilliant production team”.

The short stories you create and read from your videos have an intimacy to them as if the audience is engaging the characters close-up. In addition, your tales seem “normal” until an ugly underbelly exposes itself or the uncanny makes itself known. What made you choose this style of storytelling, and what do you hope to bring to your audience?

  • ”Thanks for that, nice observations from you. My style isn’t a ‘choice’, it’s a mix of my creativity and personality. My intention is to take people on a disturbing & uncomfortable ride that they can hopefully relate to – and think about for a while afterwards”


Will there be a DVD/CD available of your readings?

  • ‘This is something I would love to do, it would be bleeding-perfection. However, it’s not on my bleeding-radar at this point in time.’

Are you working on any feature length horror tales?

  • ‘I’m not working on a feature length horror tale…’

When you were on Lette’s Chat you mentioned a possible television or web broadcast. If so, when can your viewers and fans expect to see something?

  • ‘Yes, I’m so bleeding-excited that Bleeding Productions is currently developing my television program in association with one of the UK’s four main television channels. There’s no deadline. When it’s ready for broadcast I can assure you I’ll be letting everyone know about it via twitter and all through all other media.What I can reveal is that it will be televised after midnight here in the UK & probably be available to view worldwide online as well.’

What else can we look forward to from you in near future?

  • ‘Over the past 8 months, the development of my television program has been taking up all my days & nights. I’ll obviously continue with getting my bleeding-content posted on twitter @bleedingfilms, and new stories and reviews when I can actually fit them in.’


What hasn’t an interviewer asked of you that you wish they had? And please answer that question if you can.

  • What scares you the most’

Finally, where can people find you and connect with you?


(Photo of Bleeding Critic from Fanboys Anonymous.)

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