Crash Reports: Most Under-rated Horrors (Part II)

Here are other fantastic tales sorely overlooked by the horror loving masses. Each film 51ioHzflhFLhas merit, and should be seen at least once by the discerning viewer who is either looking for something different, or at least a great twist on an old theme.


Baba Yaga (Italy, 1973) – 4 stars

A cool witch film with rockin’ hipsters of the era without the arrogance.


Dolls (1973) – 4 stars

An often overlooked story from RE-ANIMATOR’s Stuart Gordon.


Whispering Corridors (South Korea, 1998) – 4 stars

Another ghost revenge film from Asia, but this one is layered and intriguing.


Fausto 5.0 (Spain, 2001) – 4 stars

A former patient promises a doctor the moon and stars, and reality falls apart.


Maléfique (France, 2002) – 4 stars

Four prisoners find an ancient tome of Black Magic and try to escape jail.


Dead End (France/USA, 2003) – 4 stars

Take a “Twilight Zone” road trip with Ray Wise and his family.


The Dark Hours (Canada, 2005) – 4 stars

A psychiatrist and her family endures a twisted attack from a sex offender and his protégé.


Reincarnation (Japan, 2005) – 4 stars

An actress loses herself when filming a horror about a genuine murder spree.


Mad Cowgirl (2006) – 4 stars

A dying woman, played by the great Sarah Lassez, goes through a mind-blowing, surreal trip.


Blood Car (2007) – 4 stars

This quirky, over-the-top horror should become the next big cult film.


Borderland (2007) – 4 stars

Loaded with foreboding, a cult in Mexico attacks American travelers.


The Broken (France/UK, 2008) – 4 stars

A dark tale of one’s reflection starring Lena Headey in the best of the After Dark series.


The Ruins (USA/Germany/Australia, 2008) – 4 stars

An interesting premise far removed from traveling college kid triteness.


Carriers (2009) – 4 stars

Escaping an infection that’s annihilating humanity is no easy task.


Lo (2009) – 4 stars

Sarah Lassez returns in a dramatic tale where her boyfriend takes on demonic forces.


The Caller (UK/Puerto Rico, 2011) – 4 stars

Strange phone calls plague a woman, and the uncanny is unleashed in bizarre fashion.


Little Deaths (UK, 2011) – 4 stars

A twisted anthology held together by sex, gore, and cinematography.


Midnight Son (2011) – 4 stars

An artist with a strange skin condition needs human blood to sustain him.


Wake Wood (Ireland/UK, 2011) – 4 stars

A pagan ritual, with strict rules, brings a daughter back from the dead – for now.


Mortal Remains (2012) – 4 stars

The dark story of filmmaker Karl Atticus, who supposedly used real corpses in his films.


Dark Skies (2013) – 4 stars

A strong presence from above brings hell to a family.


Frankenstein’s Army (Netherlands/USA/Czech Republic, 2013) – 4 stars

This is not a campy farce, but a rocking fantasy action horror of demented proportions.


Jug Face (2013) – 4 stars

The unique premise, great acting, and stellar music, makes this a future cult fan favorite.


Leave a comment about your favorites that seem to be under-appreciated. After all, I haven’t seen every horror film and I’d love to find some great work that may have slipped by me.

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  1. Oh wow! Great list here, Bill. Some very cool titles that need to get more attention and get woefully overlooked. i enjoyed the hell out of a few of these (Frankenstein’s Army, Jug Face and even Dark Skies) recently but others I need to check out very soon.

    Awesome work, Bill. Thanks for the head’s up, man!

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