Crash Discussions: Interview with Director Jonathan Chance

PodcastimageLearn about Jonathan Chance’s upcoming film, THE RECTORY. You’ll find out why everyone should know the name of Harry Price, and why the actual rectory is considered to be England’s most haunted place. The history of the rectory will entice, and the premise of the movie will tantalize…
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2 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Interview with Director Jonathan Chance”

  1. Wow! Great interview and discussion guys! Love the conversation and I have always felt that Price would make an amazing and very intriguing subject for a horror film. It sounds like it’s going to be a very engaging period thriller fashioned after some of the best of Hammer, Amicus and even other early paranormal movies (which Jonathan mentions) like “The Haunting” and “The Legend of Hell House.”

    Jonathan is so right that these true life paranormal figures, that were so prominent, make fascinating subjects for the type of movie he wants to make. They have been somewhat forgotten in history and the lore behind all of these people really endure in some circles. It is very exciting news. There was a movie called “The Awakening” about a female “ghostbuster” and hoax exposer that was quite interesting, Bill. Check Netflix. It was pretty cool. Stoked for this production. Great job, Bill. Keep ’em coming, man!

    1. Thank you so very much, Vic! Jonathan was an excellent guest.

      As for your comments regarding THE RECTORY, this is why I so desperately want to see it made. To have a thriller/horror with depth and intriguing characters is sorely needed. Plus, the historical element will be fascinating.

      I have to see John’s movie!

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