Crash Discussions: Carnivals of Calamity

PodcastimageWith a circus or carnival, if you have a fear of clowns, you’re pretty much screwed. But what is it about carnival-based horrors that keep us freaking out? From THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI to FREAKS, and from CARNIVAL OF SOULS to THE LAST CIRCUS, audiences are delivered a steady terror no carnival barker could ever top. Enjoy the calamity, boys and girls, and undead of all ages.
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6 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Carnivals of Calamity”

  1. American Ghost Story, huh? I almost added it to my list. I may check it out eventually. Huge fan of Caligari, CoS and of course, Browning’s Freaks. Conrad V. was the man! His Cesare is so stunning as was his Gwynplaine in The Man Who Laughed. Great show and I loved all of the mentions of the many very cool movies. Just fantastic, like the Hammer films that Jonny brought up. Vampire Circus rules!

    Astute observation of how the scary circus film has been replaced by bad HH movies and J Horror remakes. Awesome show, fellas! Always a pleasure.

    1. Ah, THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, the inspiration for Bob Kane’s Joker. Conrad Veidt was the king of cool. I hope some indie filmmaker has another circus horror in the works. I’d love to see one that goes over the big top!

      Vic, thank you so much for listening in and for leaving comments. You rock!

      1. Yes, The Joker! Yep, that make up was extraordinary. I am currently reading the “Universal Studios Monsters” hardcover and I just wrapped up the silent era with Chaney and Veidt. Check it out when you can. Some great history in that book. A very cool read.

        1. Sounds fantastic. For movie history, I just watched the making of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) and loved it. I hope to get to the commentary from Gene Barry and Ann Robinson soon.

          1. Is that making of on the dvd? as well as the commentary? I have the film but I think it is just the movie and a trailer. let me know, please! thanks!

          2. I had the same DVD you did. After my mom passed on last year, I discovered she had a “special collector’s edition” with a bunch of extras. Although I long for a Blu-ray, I want Criterion to give this one its due.

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