Crash Discussions: THE FUTURE OF HORROR

PodcastimageThe Last Knock explores the genre of horror and where the hell it might be headed. By keeping our heads on backwards, and looking at what the giants of horror have brought us, from Carpenter to Craven, and Cronenberg to Romero, we take a look at what sub-genres and storytelling premises may be on the rise…

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2 Replies to “Crash Discussions: THE FUTURE OF HORROR”

  1. Hey Guys, great show. And thanks for the kind mention. I agree 100% about horror. Too many filmmakers are way too lazy with the genre today. Our world a very scary place and our bigger fears come from within ourselves, so there’s no shortage of inspiration for horror. I never get chased by clowns or dudes with hatchets. Not even in Scotland here! OK, maybe on a saturday night! But that shit never scares me, but the suits that control us all are scary fuckers. I read dozens of DAILY articles about “Normal” looking everybody people doing horrible shit, but I rarely see horror flicks about these kind of people and situations. We have to tap into the world, life experience, and learn cinema history to be able to deliver good shit. And like every great horror film, it taps into the times we live in. That’s where we should always find the next generation of horror. Not from a netflix horror session. From the nerves that are getting touched today. Everyday simple fears, that can be REALLY scary if done right. Plenty of inspiration today for original horror films. As always, great show! PS. Agree about that flick with the plane. Classic example of indie micro budget film, trying to replicate a Hollywood film with no money. Instead of making a fresh original film that does not look cheap on no budget. Do what Hollywood can’t do. D @davidpbaker

    1. Hi, David:

      Thanks so much for your excellent response, and your inspiration.

      In fact, you offered up one hell of an image of horror in suits that now plagues my thoughts. I sense a new story on the way.

      “Do what Hollywood can’t do” should always be the independent filmmaker’s battle cry – and I’m glad it’s yours.

      Be well, continued success, and thanks so much for listening!


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