THE LAST KNOCK presents: Quirky Horror

The Last Knock

Quirky means strange in a cool way. Thankfully some horror films take this to heart from ERASERHEAD to MAY, and from NIGHT OF THE CREEPS to EXCISION – among others, of course. We take a look at why and how quirkiness works, and what the films add to the horror genre in general. And don’t think being quirky has to do with gut-busting comedy or slapstick. Hell, too bad we hadn’t watched HE NEVER DIED in time.

Now, the show gets off to a quirky start because, for whatever Skype related reason, we catch the phenomenal Jonny Numb mid-sentence. Just remember, it begins with “Quirky”…

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THE LAST KNOCK podcast presents: Interview with Writer and Poet Gillian Anne Gibson

The Last Knock

Gillian Anne Gibson, best known to friends and fans, as Jilly G, visits to discuss her horror poetry and writing, and her photography that evokes one hell of a profound mood. Don’t miss this wonderful discussion with a vibrant spirit who loves to keep it crimson! Besides Jilly’s work, we discuss horror cinema and “The Walking Dead”.

Follow Jilly G on Twitter and don’t forget her enthralling website at Crimson Quintessence. In addition, here’s her novelette, A Crimson Crime in Abernathy.

THE LAST KNOCK presents: Our WTF? Show

The Last Knock

No lie, this is our “WTF?” episode that includes, well… You’ll just have to listen in and find out for yourself.

As horror podcasts go, we did have a bit of a ghost in the machine, which didn’t ruin the audio, but we certainly hit a stride at the ten-minute mark.

Enjoy the horror carnage!

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Monster Mania

The Last Knock

This March, we traveled to Monster Mania at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill, NJ. We share the stories of our horror filled excursion from vendors to guests, and why this convention for fans of the genre is one of the very best on the east coast. And yes, we talk about food, cosplayers, and even the trouble with bootleg DVDs. Take a monster walk on the mania side and find out what you missed…

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