THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Fay Simon

The Last KnockAuthor Fay is one of the rare breed who supports the arts and its creators on a grand scale. Known as @Theladyphantom on Twitter, “Fabulous Fay” has given her time and commitment to many a writer, filmmaker, artist, and musician – including me. It is my honor to not only interview this wonderful woman to discuss writing and horror, but to also promote her new novel Behind the Mirror

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: IT FOLLOWS (2015)

The Last KnockWe take a look over our shoulder and give IT FOLLOWS its due in regard to story, characters, theme, cinematography, editing, special effects, and more. Let us know what you thought about this year’s big indie horror: champ or chump or somewhere in between?

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hodgepodge of Horror VI

The Last KnockHoly Hell! Jonny and I take a look at some of the latest horrors – and some you might haven’t seen in a while. We discuss THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, THE PYRAMID, RESOLUTION, [REC] 4, NEXT DOOR, and many more! Oh, and yes, we fight a lot over several movies’ merits.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Aqua Horror

The Last KnockIt isn’t a three-hour tour, but we’ll take you on a trip over an ocean, onto an island, and leave you up the river. We’ll look at JAWS, ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, PIRANHA, and much more frothy horror you can barely fathom. So row, row, row your boat – and get ready to scream.

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THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Author Ron Shaw

The Last KnockTonight, we not only have the man behind the entertaining “The Ron Shaw Show” podcast, but he’s also the author of ghostly tales. With a degree in English Literature, he served Atlanta as a police officer. Enjoy the ever engaging and tangential Ron Shaw – and try to keep up!

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